GAP is a full service supplier, offering its customers fully finished sand cast aluminium parts within the range of 0.5 kg to 200 kg. Examples of parts:


Our technology can be adapted to different industrial sectors and that is one of the reasons for our continuous growth, attracting new customers and new applications for aluminium castings. We currently supply parts for the following sectors, among others:


GAP is responsible for the management of the entire casting process, from the design of the moulding of the part, the manufacturing of the tooling, the melting process of the part and the machining, to the testing and the surface treatment.


We collaborate with our customers from the very first sketches and provide technical support throughout the product development. In this way, our technicians are able to optimise the design by adapting it to the manufacturing process.


Development, evaluation and improvement of the different stages of the production process, in order to improve the system as a whole. Apply best practices, routines and solutions to improve production rates and final quality of the finished part, supporting both the Quality and Production Departments.

Model workshop

In our model workshop, the tradition of some of the best technicians with extensive experience in the manufacture of foundry models is combined with a team of young specialists, together with modern facilities, to achieve the perfect combination.

Our capacity for the manufacture and repair of models assures the flexibility, required precision and fast reactivity necessary for the development of new projects that meet the deadlines required by our clients.


Moulding and melting lines

We have two production lines to satisfy any need that the customer may have.

One based on chemical sand, which allows us to manufacture parts of up to 200 kg, without losing precision and accuracy in the dimensions.

And another one using green sand, ideal for long series pieces up to 80 Kg.

Green sand moulding

Our green sand moulding process offers an optimal balance between reasonable manufacturing tooling investments and high productivity rates with a fully automated molding and filling line. This line provides high flexibility due to the fast-tooling change management for the moulding of a different reference in a very simple way, which makes the line also adaptable for small series.

This automatic line, in combination with the technology for automatic sand core making, with a flexible de-sanding and cutting area, offers production with a high level of quality and high productivity.

The size of the box (1000x750x500 mm) makes the line ideal for serial parts. To date, our technicians have been able to produce parts up to 80 kg including parts with complicated geometries and various sand cores.

Chemical sand casting

In case your application requires larger parts or more complicated geometries, with our two chemical sand moulding lines, you will find the best solution, always with a high level of flexibility and a very reasonable tooling cost level.

Our automated chemical moulding line offers quick installation, capable of producing large, complex parts.

For extremely complex parts, our second chemical moulding line is the ideal technical solution.

The size of the automated line box makes it possible to manufacture large parts weighing up to 200 kg.

Core production

Our core shop is equipped with automatic core shooters, for the production of cores of all sizes.

The supply of sand is also automatic.

The cores can be coated with synthetic paints to achieve a smooth finish, to ensure an even surface.

Cutting and deburring

We have automatic deburring cells for high precision and repeatability of the process.

The whole process of tooling design and robot programming is carried out internally by our technical team, for continuous improvement in our process, flexibility to geometry changes and speed in the development.

Heat treatment

Precision and productivity in Heat Treatment is achieved with our continuous furnace in which the heat treatment sequence is carried out automatically to guarantee the stability of the process.

Our processes are monitored by a digital recording system. The collected data ensures a correct documentation and analysis of each charge in the furnace.

The mechanical properties are properly checked at each treatment and our traceability system meets the most reliable standards.

Shot blasting and final control

This is the final stage of the casting process where stainless steel shot of the highest quality is used. All parts are visually inspected one by one by our quality technicians.


Our company is responsible for all stages and processes of the supply chain. This allows our customers to improve the final quality of the product they receive and to deal with a single reference supplier throughout the whole process.

Machining is one of the value-added processes most appreciated by our global customers. In each case we choose the process that best suits the portfolio of our partners.

We currently supply more than 60% of our parts machined.

Leak Test

Our company is responsible for all stages and processes of the supply chain. This allows our customers to improve the final quality of the product they receive and to deal with a single reference supplier throughout the whole process.

We have modern facilities for in-house helium leak testing.

Surface treatment

We carry out all types of surface treatments: painting, vibro-finishing, impregnation, copper and silver plating.

Our company is responsible for all stages and processes of the supply chain. This allows our customers to improve the final quality of the product they receive and to deal with a single reference supplier throughout the whole process.

In relation to painting, we offer a wide range of tailor-made painting processes for small batches or for large volume projects taking into account the different sizes and outputs.


We oversee the orders from reception to dispatch, providing the link between the client and the factory, always trying to adapt and be flexible to the client's needs.

We coordinate all phases of transportation so that our customers receive finished parts without worrying about anything.

We supply parts in 16 countries across 4 continents: Europe, America, Asia and Africa, overseeing the logistics management of most of these shipments.


Quality Management

We are committed to quality at all levels being this one of the pillars of our company.

We have implemented a quality management system in accordance with the standard ISO 9001 with which we have as main objectives customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.


Mechanical properties

Our quality laboratory performs mechanical tests continuously to ensure that each batch meets the required characteristics. In addition, untested specimens are kept for one year so that our customers can call on them in case of any incident.

Certificates 3.1 are issued for each part shipped, according to the customer's requirements.

Chemical composition

Our foundry is fully equipped with a complete metallurgical laboratory, which is used to determine the chemical characteristics of each batch, as well as for the control of the melting conditions of the material before pouring the aluminium into the mould.

Certificates 3.1 are issued for each part shipped, according to the customer's requirements.


In our modern facility, aluminium castings can be inspected in our X-Ray machine.

We have certified experts in the revision of parts by X-Ray.

The structure and soundness of the parts is verified, and the test results are stored electronically for later verification.

Penetrating liquids

We have a complete installation to perform liquid penetrant inspections, as well as our own certified personnel to perform this type of tests.


Our 3D CNC coordinate measuring system checks the accuracy of our aluminium castings, our models and machined parts.

Get complete and accurate measurements of all your products thanks to GAP's 3D laser scanner. This scanner allows you to superimpose the cast model on the original design and calculate any deviations with the highest accuracy.

These machines are located in a temperature-controlled room, isolated from the foundry environment. We supply complete dimensional, and characteristics reports to our customers on request.


Health and Safety

Health and Safety

We take responsibility for the health and safety of our employees.
We measure the risks and take the necessary preventive measures to avoid accidents and occupational illnesses.



We operate in accordance with our environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001.
We act in accordance with the standards established by the different administrations in relation to environmental protection.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

We promote equal opportunities and equal treatment for each of our employees, regardless of race, nationality, social class, disability, sexual, political or religious orientation, gender or age.


In our facilities located in Burgos with an extension of 42,000 m2, which include a 12,000 m2 production factory, we produce parts using green sand casting and chemical sand casting technologies. Our modern facilities, operational since 2008, have a melting capacity of approximately 10,000 t/year. Today, our facilities serve customers all over the world. Our goal is to provide highly integrated technical solutions in the field of aluminium casting, for various industries worldwide.


Melting capacity


Plot located in Burgos (Spain)


Production hall


Supply in Europe, America, Asia and Africa



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