Health and Safety

Health and Safety

At Grupo Aluminios de Precisión, we share an ethical commitment and values that guide all of our work. This ethical commitment affects all of our relationships with our employees, suppliers, customers and the environment.

Grupo Aluminios de Precisión is the leading European company in our sector in terms of safe working conditions, especially in terms of low levels of toxic substances for our workers.

More relevant examples:

  • Crystalline silica: below 50% of the legal limit at all workplaces.
  • Free of heavy metals.
  • With the use of the safest chemical components available on the market.
  • With state-of-the-art suction systems.
  • With spacious facilities and natural light.

About Worker Safety and Health:

  • We take responsibility for the health and safety of our employees.
  • We measure the risks and adopt the necessary preventive measures to avoid accidents and work-related illnesses.
  • We facilitate the necessary training for our workers so that they are trained in matters related to the prevention of occupational hazards.

About our general ethical commitment and the Legislation in force:

  • We believe in active and voluntary commitment, above and beyond what the law requires.
  • We rigorously comply with the laws, regulations, rules and customs, respecting the legitimate contracts and commitments acquired.
  • We serve society with useful products and fair conditions.
  • We strive for the continuity of the company and, in an ethical manner, we work to achieve reasonable growth.
  • We improve the possibilities and opportunities for our company's social community.
  • We involve our team in ethical behaviour.
Health and Safety


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